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The right way of cleaning tiles in bathroom only an expert knows

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Everyone wants to have clean and shiny tiles in their home at all times. It gives a good impression to all your guests. Moreover, no one wants to have dirty tiles in their home because it looks unappealing. You need to know the proper method of cleaning the tiles around the house. Whether it be tiles on the floor or the tiles in the bathroom counter top, there is the right method for each one. Here is what you should know about.

Cleaning daily

It is incredibly important that you clean the bathroom daily because that is going to ensure there are no dust particles and debris stuck on the tile grouts. You do not need to do a thorough cleaning of the bathroom, but you should do slight cleaning such as putting a bit of floor cleaner and wiping the floor away. Other things you could do is wiping off the counters and cleaning them or just using a cloth to wipe away marks on the bathroom mirror. Moreover, you could get a professional tile cleaning service in Union City CA, after a couple of months if the tiles are too dirty.

Vacuuming the floor of the bathroom

You can use a mop on the bathroom tiles but a better option would be to use a vacuum cleaner instead. The vacuum cleaner helps remove the debris and hair from the tiles easily. They have strong suction power that would allow them to pull away from the dust particles from the bathroom floor. It’s a tip that experts would recommend to anyone who is adamant about learning about all the new cleaning methods. It’s something that the professional cleaners use quite a lot.

Pre-heating tiles of the bathroom floor

This is a great life hack that is going to make cleaning the tiles a whole lot easier. Here is what you need to do. You just open up the faucet and let the hot water fill your bathtub in the bathroom. You should also switch on the water fill up in the sink and the surrounding areas. You can put some hot water on the tiles as well, where they're a lot of dirty marks. After letting all this hot water sit in the bathroom for a couple of minutes. Using alkaline cleaners along with the hot water is going to help clean away the bathroom easily.

Cleaning from top to the bottom

You have to clean from the top down


This is going to be effective in completely cleaning the tiles of your bathroom. You should use an antibacterial spray cleaner for the job! Just spray it all over, and take a cloth to scrub the area from top-down. You could also opt for the Affordable Tile Cleaning Service if you do not have time to do perform this cleaning method yourself. Just make sure you are spreading the cleaner on the surface evenly.

This the right way to properly clean all the tiles in the bathroom of your home. Do not use low-quality products to save money as they might damage the surface of your tiles.

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